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No Red Face Formula Asian Flush Cure

The No Red Face Formula is a breakthrough cure for Asian flush that has only been available for a short time with over 10,000 satisfied customers. What makes no red face formula amazing is a reported 100% success rate and completely ending all Asian Flush Symptoms.  The No Red Face Formula is 100% all natural, 100% safe, and has absolutely no side effects. The no red face formula is a recipe of all natural ingredients that may be obtained at any health food store. The No Red Face Formula is all about making your face….not red as well as get rid of all the other Asian Flush symptoms. The No Red Face Formula is comprised of all natural and healthy ingredients which are taken shortly before consuming alcohol.

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No red face formula 35 page PDF

No red face formula is a 35 page PDF document that has a very specific and exact recipe of ingredients you can purchase inexpensively at most any health food. The first half of this Asian Flush cure goes in great detail to explain the exact cause of your alcohol allergy condition. The second half is the exact step by step Asian Flush cure.


How to STOP You Face From Turn RED When You Consume Alcohol

beet red face of a girl with Asian Flush reaction
If you suffer from Asian flush symptoms after consuming alcohol and the only Asian flush symptom you have or want to stop is the red face that and that is very simple to take care of. Normally Asian flush sufferers experience a variety of Asian flush symptoms but by far the most common one is the red face. if the only symptom you were concerned with stopping or preventing is red face then you could try using  antacid tablet prior to going out drinking. The most highly recommended one being Pepcid AC this is the one that is proven most effective at reducing the red face after drinking. The one thing you should know is that Pepcid AC or any other antacids won’t cure or prevent any of the other Asian flush symptoms.

Even more important than that is Pepcid AC doesn’t actually cure Asian flush. In other words Pepcid AC before going out drinking doesn’t get at the root of the Asian flush problem but merely masks it or covers it up. Now you may be thinking to yourself “so what difference does it make all I care about is how to stop my face from turning red when I go out drinking”.  The difference is the source of the Asian flush problem dramatically increases your risk for cancer.

It is the build up of the toxic Acetaldehyde that the Asian flush sufferers body has difficulty in removing.  Acetaldehyde is carcinogenic. Pepcid AC’s H2-blockers will reduce the facial redness and in some rare instances even completely eliminate your facial redness but it is not accomplishing this by eliminating the cancer-causing  Acetaldehyde from your body. To stop your face from turning red when you consume alcohol can be accomplished with Pepcid AC but really can only be accomplished safely with the Asian flush cure the no red face formula.

What Causes ASIAN FLUSH and FLUSHING of the FACE When I Drink Alcohol?

Molecular composition of the main toxic culprit responsible for Asian Flush - Acetaldehyde.
To help you understand what causes flushing of the face and all the other Asian flush symptoms when you consume alcohol you need to understand how alcohol is processed by the body in both Asian flush sufferers and Asian flush non sufferers.

Asian Flush NON Sufferers

Immediately after beginning the ingestion of alcohol the body goes to work in attempt to remove it. This is because the human body is intelligent enough to know alcohol has no qualities valued by the body and is in fact a toxin to the body. In digesting the alcohol a byproduct is produced called Acetaldehyde.  Acetaldehyde, ironically, is actually more toxic than the alcohol itself. Non sufferers of Asian flush remove the Acetaldehyde by the liver which produces the Asian flush enzyme Aldehyde dehydrogenase.  Aldehyde dehydrogenase neutralizes the toxic Acetaldehyde. This makes the Acetaldehyde inactive and harmless.

Asian Flush Sufferers

With people who have Asian flush syndrome everything about the digestion and metabolizing of alcohol is the same as Asian flush non sufferers except Asian flush sufferers the  Aldehyde dehydrogenase enzyme is largely inactive. The end result is the Aldehyde dehydrogenase doesn’t do its job properly resulting in elevated, higher than normal, levels of  Acetaldehyde in the body of the Asian flush sufferers. This causes the body to react negatively producing all of the Asian flush symptoms as well as exposing the Asian flush sufferers to the  potential of Asian flush cancer.

Eliminating all of the Asian Flush symptoms as well as the Asian Flush cancer risk is a simple matter of using the Asian Flush Cure – No Red Face Formula.


Difference between Asian Flush and Alcohol Allergy
If you’re someone who experiences negative reactions to the consumption of alcohol, the layperson if you will, whether you have Asian flush or alcohol allergy does not matter one bit the way you would treat it is exactly the same – the Asian flush cure – no red face formula.

To a doctor or anyone wishing to be more informed about their alcohol related condition here is the major difference between Asian flush alcohol allergy.

Asian Flush

Asian flush occurs because of a toxic byproduct that is part of the process of digesting alcohol. This toxic byproduct is called Acetaldehyde.  Most people, people who do not experience Asian flush produce adequate quantities of an Asian flush enzyme called Aldehyde dehydrogenase. This enzyme neutralizes Acetaldehyde making it harmless. People who experience Asian flush – their bodies do not produce enough of the Asian flush enzyme. This results in higher than normal levels of Acetaldehyde when they drink alcohol. These elevated levels of Acetaldehyde  result in all the Asian flush symptoms.

Alcohol Allergy

If you look up the definition of an allergy, allergy is a bodies defensive response to a perceived invader of some sort. Every day our bodies are bombarded by various bacteria and viruses. Many of them our body sees as a irrelevant and doesn’t react to them. The ones the body has not built up sufficient defenses against may result in symptoms, illness, or flu. People who have alcohol allergy actually have more efficient defense mechanisms built into their body than the rest of us. Technically alcohol is an invader since the body has no use for and is actually harmful to the body.

ASIAN FLUSH SYMPTOMS | Do You Have THESE Asian Flush Symptoms?

Asian flush syndrome has a large array of symptoms. The most common symptom is the red, sometimes bright red glowing face. This is why the condition has many other nicknames including Asian glow, Asian flush, and Asian girl glow.

Frequency of Asian Flush Symptoms

One thing about the Asian flush that makes it difficult to diagnose for people who are non-Asians (Asian flush is fairly rare in non-Asians as very common to people for Asian) is the frequency and regularity with which someone will experience Asian flush symptoms after consuming alcohol can vary widely. For example I would experience Asian flush symptoms about once every three or four times I drink. If I had experience these symptoms every single time I drank alcohol I would have much more rapidly been able to assess that there is something wrong and I have some sort of condition or allergy related alcohol. Some people assume because they are are experiencing the symptoms irregularly, perhaps even rarely, that they must not have Asian flush. This is not the case.  Some people experience Asian flush symptoms every time they drink some people experience symptoms only once in a great while.

Here is a list of all the possible Asian flush symptoms. How many of these do you have? 

  1. Redness of the face, the most common Asian flush symptom.
  2. Redness on other areas of the body – most frequently chest, shoulders, back, and chest, sometimes the thighs.
  3. Sensation of itchiness or heat coming from the areas of redness on the face or body.
  4. Headache.
  5. Nausea.
  6. Diarrhea.
  7. Racing rapid pulse.
  8. Sweating.
  9. Labored breathing.
  10. Congestion.
  11. A general sense of upper body pressure.

If you’re looking for in Asian flush cure Pepcid can be taken to reduce the redness of the face but it will not help with any of the other Asian flush symptoms and does nothing to reduce or eliminate the Asian flush cancer risk. Pepcid AC or any other antacid should only be used in emergency social situation for instance when you forget to use the no red face formula and you’re going to consume alcohol and be with people.


Pepcid AC and other antacids thought to be Asian Flush treatment.
Use Pepcid AC to cure Asian flush symptoms?

This is a new topic that is circulating around the Internet in Asian flush forums lately. the thought is that the H2-blockers in Pepcid AC and other antacid tablets is a cure for Asian flush and Asian flush symptoms.

First off Pepcid AC is not a cure for Asian flush. Pepcid AC, Zantac, and other H2 blocker antacid tablets do help minimize the redness of the face after consuming alcohol. In most people where Pepcid AC works in this manner the red face is reduced to a pinkish hue although rarely has Pepcid AC ever been reported to completely eliminate the red face. Pepcid AC does not alleviate any of the other symptoms.

The danger of using Pepcid AC to cure Asian flush

The biggest danger in the school of thought of using Pepcid or any other antacids to cure Asian flush symptoms is the Asian flush cancer risk. People whose main or only symptom of Asian flush being the red face who used Pepcid thinking that it is an Asian flush cure will continue consuming alcohol merely popping high doses of Pepcid before drinking thinking they have solved their problem. In reality the Pepcid has merely masked the problem. Although the persons red face has been minimized to a pinkish hue the toxic and cancer-causing  Acetaldehyde still remains at abnormally high levels in the body of the Asian flush sufferer who thinks Pepcid AC has cured the problem.

The good news is there is something you can do that is just as easy as popping Pepcid AC that will not mask your Asian flush symptoms but prevent them from occurring in the first place by getting at the root of the Asian flush problem. Pepcid AC discount coupon.

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ASIAN FLUSH ENZYME | Enzyme Responsible for Stopping Asian Flush Symptoms

Acetaldehyde dehydrogenase isozyme.
Asian flush occurs because of abnormally high levels of Acetaldehyde in the body. Acetaldehyde is produced as a result of alcohol being consumed. Acetaldehyde is toxic and an irritant to the body. Asian flush sufferers suffer Asian flush symptoms when consuming alcohol because an Asian flush enzyme,  Aldehyde dehydrogenase.

This Asian flush enzyme is produced by the liver. the problem with Asian flush sufferers is they don’t produce enough Aldehyde dehydrogenase enzyme or the  Aldehyde dehydrogenase is inactive incapable of breaking down Acetaldehyde. This is why  Aldehyde dehydrogenase is referred to as the Asian flush enzyme. Produce enough  Aldehyde dehydrogenase and no Asian flush symptoms. Produce too little or in active  Aldehyde dehydrogenase and Asian flush symptoms and suffering ensue after consuming alcoholic beverages.

see how to help the body produce more  Aldehyde dehydrogenase with the Asian flush cureno red face formula.


Esophageal cancer in 51 year old Asian Flush sufferer.
Suffering from Asian flush him can be a real annoyance. It just doesn’t seem quite fair that you can enjoy a simple night of drinking alcoholic beverages and relaxing without looking and feeling ill suffering Asian flush symptoms when you should be enjoying yourself. Unfortunately new findings of Asian flush indicate suffering Asian flush symptoms is the good news.

Here is the bad news about Asian flush

If you suffer from Asian flush when you consume alcohol it is a strong indication that you are at very high risk for cancer if you cannot do something to cure your Asian flush.  The Asian flush cancer risk appears to be directly proportional to the amount and frequency alcohol  consumed.

As covered in detail in the post about the cause of Asian flush when an Asian flush sufferer consumes alcohol a toxic byproduct of the body’s attempt at processing and eliminating the alcohol results in the production of a toxic substance called Acetaldehyde. This happens with everybody the drinks. With most people in response to the  Acetaldehyde in the body the liver produces an enzyme called Aldehyde dehydrogenase which instantly neutralizes Acetaldehyde making it harmless. The Asian flush sufferer however does not produce enough Aldehyde dehydrogenase and the  Aldehyde dehydrogenase that is produced is inert or inactive –  incapable of doing its job of neutralizing  Acetaldehyde.

Not only does the unhealthy high levels of  Acetaldehyde cause the Asian flush symptoms but is also carcinogenic. There is something you can do to cure your Asian flush symptoms.  Unbelievably there is no prescription medicine but there is a home remedy called the no red face formula.

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