ASIAN FLUSH ENZYME | Enzyme Responsible for Stopping Asian Flush Symptoms

Acetaldehyde dehydrogenase isozyme.
Asian flush occurs because of abnormally high levels of Acetaldehyde in the body. Acetaldehyde is produced as a result of alcohol being consumed. Acetaldehyde is toxic and an irritant to the body. Asian flush sufferers suffer Asian flush symptoms when consuming alcohol because an Asian flush enzyme,  Aldehyde dehydrogenase.

This Asian flush enzyme is produced by the liver. the problem with Asian flush sufferers is they don’t produce enough Aldehyde dehydrogenase enzyme or the  Aldehyde dehydrogenase is inactive incapable of breaking down Acetaldehyde. This is why  Aldehyde dehydrogenase is referred to as the Asian flush enzyme. Produce enough  Aldehyde dehydrogenase and no Asian flush symptoms. Produce too little or in active  Aldehyde dehydrogenase and Asian flush symptoms and suffering ensue after consuming alcoholic beverages.

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