Pepcid AC and other antacids thought to be Asian Flush treatment.
Use Pepcid AC to cure Asian flush symptoms?

This is a new topic that is circulating around the Internet in Asian flush forums lately. the thought is that the H2-blockers in Pepcid AC and other antacid tablets is a cure for Asian flush and Asian flush symptoms.

First off Pepcid AC is not a cure for Asian flush. Pepcid AC, Zantac, and other H2 blocker antacid tablets do help minimize the redness of the face after consuming alcohol. In most people where Pepcid AC works in this manner the red face is reduced to a pinkish hue although rarely has Pepcid AC ever been reported to completely eliminate the red face. Pepcid AC does not alleviate any of the other symptoms.

The danger of using Pepcid AC to cure Asian flush

The biggest danger in the school of thought of using Pepcid or any other antacids to cure Asian flush symptoms is the Asian flush cancer risk. People whose main or only symptom of Asian flush being the red face who used Pepcid thinking that it is an Asian flush cure will continue consuming alcohol merely popping high doses of Pepcid before drinking thinking they have solved their problem. In reality the Pepcid has merely masked the problem. Although the persons red face has been minimized to a pinkish hue the toxic and cancer-causing  Acetaldehyde still remains at abnormally high levels in the body of the Asian flush sufferer who thinks Pepcid AC has cured the problem.

The good news is there is something you can do that is just as easy as popping Pepcid AC that will not mask your Asian flush symptoms but prevent them from occurring in the first place by getting at the root of the Asian flush problem. Pepcid AC discount coupon.

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