What Causes ASIAN FLUSH and FLUSHING of the FACE When I Drink Alcohol?

Molecular composition of the main toxic culprit responsible for Asian Flush - Acetaldehyde.
To help you understand what causes flushing of the face and all the other Asian flush symptoms when you consume alcohol you need to understand how alcohol is processed by the body in both Asian flush sufferers and Asian flush non sufferers.

Asian Flush NON Sufferers

Immediately after beginning the ingestion of alcohol the body goes to work in attempt to remove it. This is because the human body is intelligent enough to know alcohol has no qualities valued by the body and is in fact a toxin to the body. In digesting the alcohol a byproduct is produced called Acetaldehyde.  Acetaldehyde, ironically, is actually more toxic than the alcohol itself. Non sufferers of Asian flush remove the Acetaldehyde by the liver which produces the Asian flush enzyme Aldehyde dehydrogenase.  Aldehyde dehydrogenase neutralizes the toxic Acetaldehyde. This makes the Acetaldehyde inactive and harmless.

Asian Flush Sufferers

With people who have Asian flush syndrome everything about the digestion and metabolizing of alcohol is the same as Asian flush non sufferers except Asian flush sufferers the  Aldehyde dehydrogenase enzyme is largely inactive. The end result is the Aldehyde dehydrogenase doesn’t do its job properly resulting in elevated, higher than normal, levels of  Acetaldehyde in the body of the Asian flush sufferers. This causes the body to react negatively producing all of the Asian flush symptoms as well as exposing the Asian flush sufferers to the  potential of Asian flush cancer.

Eliminating all of the Asian Flush symptoms as well as the Asian Flush cancer risk is a simple matter of using the Asian Flush Cure – No Red Face Formula.

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