How to STOP You Face From Turn RED When You Consume Alcohol

beet red face of a girl with Asian Flush reaction
If you suffer from Asian flush symptoms after consuming alcohol and the only Asian flush symptom you have or want to stop is the red face that and that is very simple to take care of. Normally Asian flush sufferers experience a variety of Asian flush symptoms but by far the most common one is the red face. if the only symptom you were concerned with stopping or preventing is red face then you could try using  antacid tablet prior to going out drinking. The most highly recommended one being Pepcid AC this is the one that is proven most effective at reducing the red face after drinking. The one thing you should know is that Pepcid AC or any other antacids won’t cure or prevent any of the other Asian flush symptoms.

Even more important than that is Pepcid AC doesn’t actually cure Asian flush. In other words Pepcid AC before going out drinking doesn’t get at the root of the Asian flush problem but merely masks it or covers it up. Now you may be thinking to yourself “so what difference does it make all I care about is how to stop my face from turning red when I go out drinking”.  The difference is the source of the Asian flush problem dramatically increases your risk for cancer.

It is the build up of the toxic Acetaldehyde that the Asian flush sufferers body has difficulty in removing.  Acetaldehyde is carcinogenic. Pepcid AC’s H2-blockers will reduce the facial redness and in some rare instances even completely eliminate your facial redness but it is not accomplishing this by eliminating the cancer-causing  Acetaldehyde from your body. To stop your face from turning red when you consume alcohol can be accomplished with Pepcid AC but really can only be accomplished safely with the Asian flush cure the no red face formula.

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