About Asian Flush

Asian Flush's most common symptoms is red face after drinking alcohol.
Hi! My name is Jackie Mew. The reason I wrote this Asian flush website is several years ago, around the year 2006, I suffered an all-out Asian flush attack yet had absolutely no idea what was going on. I remember the night vividly. I actually have to thank Asian flush, if Asian flush or a person, because up until that point I was a pretty bad alcoholic drinking up to 2 pints of vodka daily. Not knowing what the Asian flush symptoms were at the time was actually a blessing because when I first experienced the symptoms I thought I was having a stroke. This scared me naturally. And it eventually led me to make the decision to quit drinking alcohol altogether so I guess you could say my Asian flush genetics or on my side.

I wrote this Asian flush website because I found out later what the symptoms I was experiencing actually were. I was surprised I had never heard of this condition ever before especially since I’m Asian. This led me to the conclusion that there just is not enough information out there about Asian flush and so this website is my attempt to help educate other people about this condition and what they can do about it . Of course the one thing you can do about it is just quit drinking which is a healthy alternative. Some people are not ready to do that however. In fact some people their jobs demand they consume alcohol. For example some people take business associate out to lunch and it’s customary to have a drink or two and relax with their new business associate. Other people enjoy alcohol socially and go out on the weekends to bars or clubs. Suffering from Asian flush prevent these people from having as much fun and being involved socially as they possibly could be.

If you are like I was however and you are a hard-core drinker or alcoholic then the best solution to your Asian flush condition is probably to quit. If you have any questions about Asian flush it all and what to do to cure it and you are not ready to quit drinking alcohol the only solution  that works on all Asian flush symptoms and not just the red face is the no red face formula. If you have any Asian flush questions then feel free to e-mail me and I will respond to help you.


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