Difference between Asian Flush and Alcohol Allergy
If you’re someone who experiences negative reactions to the consumption of alcohol, the layperson if you will, whether you have Asian flush or alcohol allergy does not matter one bit the way you would treat it is exactly the same – the Asian flush cure – no red face formula.

To a doctor or anyone wishing to be more informed about their alcohol related condition here is the major difference between Asian flush alcohol allergy.

Asian Flush

Asian flush occurs because of a toxic byproduct that is part of the process of digesting alcohol. This toxic byproduct is called Acetaldehyde.  Most people, people who do not experience Asian flush produce adequate quantities of an Asian flush enzyme called Aldehyde dehydrogenase. This enzyme neutralizes Acetaldehyde making it harmless. People who experience Asian flush – their bodies do not produce enough of the Asian flush enzyme. This results in higher than normal levels of Acetaldehyde when they drink alcohol. These elevated levels of Acetaldehyde  result in all the Asian flush symptoms.

Alcohol Allergy

If you look up the definition of an allergy, allergy is a bodies defensive response to a perceived invader of some sort. Every day our bodies are bombarded by various bacteria and viruses. Many of them our body sees as a irrelevant and doesn’t react to them. The ones the body has not built up sufficient defenses against may result in symptoms, illness, or flu. People who have alcohol allergy actually have more efficient defense mechanisms built into their body than the rest of us. Technically alcohol is an invader since the body has no use for and is actually harmful to the body.

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